Lift Off 2018: Closing Ceremony

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This is it! On the final day of Lift Off, the group started with a Q & A on what comes next after the program. The panelists focused on various perspectives of game making, from Rebekah Arcovitch and Quinn Miller tackling the topic of professional studios, Dane Jennings and Taro Omiya on independent studios, and Frederika Edgington-Giordano on hobbyist angle. Topics covered includes where to learn more about game making, how to put together a creative portfolio, transitioning from one profession to another, and balancing one’s schedule while making games.

After a brief intermission filled with cake (see above), everyone presented their final project. The six projects were (note: all titles are tentative):

  • Arcana Unbounded
    A 2D platformer game that puts emphasis on challenging platforming and environmentally based storytelling.
  • Extreme Gardening
    An idle game where one buys a mysterious plant that attracts the local faeries. The game involves with building houses for the faeries and communicating with them.
  • The Masters: A Critical Role Fan Game
    A Critical Role game where you get to be the game master! An old-school JRPG about exploring an unfinished (in-universe, that is) fantasy world that is in need of your help to fill the details in.
  • Aururian Elegy
    A visual novel about discovering who is the culprit in a murder scene, then…killing them through a turn-based battle system.
  • Barrel
    An experimental 3D soundscape environment where interacting with various different elements in a rusting factory each plays an unusual audio.
  • Laundry Fiasco
    A game exploring the anxiety of waking up and dressing. One balances between collecting clean and dirty clothes while being chased by their monstrous bed.

The event concluded with a celebration where each mentor congratulated their mentee with a certificate. Well done, everyone!

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