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Tech Valley Game Space (TVGS) is a diversity-focused nonprofit organization dedicated to making game development accessible to everyone! Our community and co-working space in downtown Troy, New York is a welcoming and accessible environment where professional and aspiring game developers alike come to imagine and build games, as well as to mentor, educate, and support each other.


Our co-working studio, open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, is located at 30 3rd Street in beautiful downtown Troy. An open, inclusive, and safe working environment, it houses professional game developers and studios as well as new, aspiring, and hobbyist game devs. Available to all game developers and creative professionals are industry-standard tools including hardware, game engines, graphics creation and editing software, composition software, and much more.

Whether you need a place for your game team to work, a place to meet potential collaborators or colleagues, or just need a change of scenery, consider joining TVGS at an extremely affordable monthly rate!


We’ve built an incredible community for both professional and new gamemakers throughout the Capital Region. We have weekly meetings and frequent opportunities to build games, from game jams and workshops to special presentations. Our regularly held Orbit groups offer instruction in all things game dev from beginning game design and AR/VR to art and digital storytelling.


TVGS believes that a diverse and nurturing game development community is also a more sustainable one. Our mission is to help address the need for new voices within game development and help those voices be heard.

The Tech Valley Game Space provides game creation opportunities for everyone, from middle school students to creative adults in communities underrepresented in game development. Want to get involved? Check out our recent and upcoming programs!


TVGS is dedicated to sustaining a healthy game development ecosystem in New York State’s Capital Region. Join us today to take your game-making to the next level with fantastic membership benefits, and help us continue to build more opportunities in game development.

You can also make a one-time or regularly-occurring tax-deductible donation to Tech Valley Game Space to help make sure we can continue offering amazing, educational programs and reach wider audiences!

Thank you for supporting the TVGS mission through your membership or contribution!

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