Tech Valley Game Space is a volunteer-driven, diversity focused nonprofit organization founded on the principal that games and game making are for everyone.

We won’t let you listen to that inner voice that tells you that you can’t. Trust us, you can.

We are proud to offer a welcoming community and co-working space for game makers on any level. It’s important to us that everyone supports one another and acts as mentors and educators. Everyone has something to bring to the table.




Located at 30 3rd St. in Troy, NY our co-working space is both inclusive and affordable for those interested in working on games or learning more about them. We work in connection with Tech Valley Center of Gravity.


All month long we have different meetings and events where game developers and people interested in video games can meet, collaborate, and have fun. Check out our schedule for upcoming events and meetings.


If you’re interested in a more specific topic, we have Orbit groups, where you can join in with other like-minded folk and learn more about it!



No experience making games? Not a problem for us at TVGS. #include Game Jams are for anyone to join in and learn how to make a game. Everyone is welcome at the Game Space at any time. But if you’re feeling a little shy, this might be a good event to launch from.


Every month during Troy Night Out, come and check out some of the games made by local game developers. Some of them will even be there on-hand to field questions, or just to get super excited with you about all the awesomeness.



As one of the largest game development community in the New York’s Capital Region, we have a wide array of local talents ready to be hired and/or improve your studio. We also help build a stronger game development ecosystem by developing local talents into professionals. Contact us for more information.


From the professional industry to non-profits, our knowledge of the local area in regards to the gaming industry and economical development is wide and varied. If ever in need of help in spreading the word of your cause, we can help. For a more international audience, we attend global industry events and conferences, bringing the games of the Capital Region to a wider audience. Again, contact us for more information.



While more casual, in regular events such as Game Club and Community Night, our community encourages asking the question of what a game says, and why. We regularly review the meanings behind many games, from hobbyists projects to professional releases. For more information on each event, check out our schedule for upcoming events and meetings.


We aim to encourage and enable everyone in the New York Capital Region to create games.

Tech Valley Game Space is a volunteer-driven and member-supported nonprofit organization founded on the principle that games and game-making are for everyone. We  are building a stronger ecosystem for game makers throughout the NY Capital Region. The centerpiece of these efforts is our location in Troy NY, which serves as a co-working venue, communal hub, and safe space where game makers of all backgrounds and experience levels can gather to collaborate, share knowledge, and support one another.

Our community is at the heart of everything we do. Using our collective talent and enthusiasm, we constantly strive to increase the accessibility of game development mentorship and skill-building opportunities available to people in all corners of the Capital Region. Our co-working space allows individuals to build on their knowledge to grow their projects to a larger endeavor. We develop classes and diversity-focused education programs that we provide to the public, both at our venue in Troy and throughout the region via partnerships with schools and other local organizations that share our values.

TVGS is an inclusive space where we want everyone to feel safe and welcome. Please read our Code of Conduct and Safe Space Policy.

We’re a non-profit organization chartered in the State of New York, and we are incredibly thankful to our volunteers who keep us going.

If you want to support us and help us grow, you can either volunteer by contacting us here or on Facebook. Don’t have the time? You can also support us by donating directly or through our Patreon.