Opportunities with TVGS

Volunteers make everything happen at TVGS! We’d love everyone who cares about building a vibrant game development community in the Capital Region to get involved. To join the volunteer, just fill out the volunteer form below, and a staff member will get back to you as soon as they can:

There are lots of opportunities to help out, either once in a while or on a consistent basis. If nothing listed here fits just right, or you have other ideas for something we should be doing at TVGS, get in touch and let’s make it happen!

Event Crew

We’ve got lots of weekly events, and some special gatherings like game jams, too. The events team can always use some extra hands, and helping at events can be an easy way to get started volunteering at TVGS, especially if you’re attending anyway. You can sign up to volunteer once, or regularly at an event. Check the events listing and sign up here.

Teach a Lesson

Share your knowledge at our monthly lesson nights! Our audience of amateur and professional game developers votes on the topic of the next lesson night. If you’d like to present, share your idea to be considered.

Our Orbit groups meet on a recurring basis for mentorship and community building. We’re always looking for new participants and mentors. You can get involved with one of our existing groups, or even propose a new one! Check out the current Orbit offerings, and more information about this program here.

Share Your Special Skills

If you have skills in specific areas such as graphic design or copywriting, we would love some assistance in these areas. Help design or write flyers, posters, or web and social media posts. Sign up to help with design or writing, or add your area of expertise!

Other Important Tasks

Post flyers around town, help organize the game cabinet, take photos at an event. If you have limited time, but still want to help out, these one-off events are a great way to get started! Check out the current one-off tasks and sign up here.

Join TVGS on Discord

A good way to find out about additional volunteer opportunities is to join our Discord Server. There are a number of volunteer teams, working on essential areas of the TVGS mission, from co-working, to outreach to events.

Join in with the team or teams you’d like to work with, and you’ll be kept informed about the newest opportunities.

Ongoing Volunteer Positions

Looking to get involved with TVGS in a more consistent way and help foster a more inclusive and vibrant game development community in the Capital Region? Consider becoming a Volunteer Coordinator!

Volunteer Coordinators serve 6-month terms, and are elected in January and June. Check out the descriptions of these positions here, sign up directly on this form, and/or check out our newsletter by filling out the form below to keep up with the nomination process.