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Orbit: Digital Storytelling – How to Ink Well

July 3, 2021 @ 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

For this month’s Digital Storytelling meetup, we’re going back to the Ink well to learn how to Ink… well.

For more info about Ink, visit inklestudios.com/ink

If you have never used Ink before, go to [Section 1].

If you have attended any of our previous Ink lessons, go to [Section 2].

If you are think Ink stinks, go to [Section 3].

[Section 1]
You feel like your current knowledge of Ink might be missing a link.

You have barely even heard of Ink before, let alone tried to use it well. Since this is the third consecutive lesson in the TVGS Ink trilogy, you feel uncertain about whether someone like yourself, who doesn’t have even the slightest inkling of Ink knowledge, would be able to follow along.

Thankfully, you realize that you can catch up simply by reviewing the basic Ink overview provided here: inklestudios.com/ink/web-tutorial

You decide to attend the next Digital Storytelling meetup. After all, what’s the worst that could happen? It’s a virtual meetup, and if the Ink gets too hot to handle you can always slink away early and live to Ink another day.


[Section 2]
You never shrink from a lesson about Ink. You live your life guided by one simple credo: “I Ink, therefore I am.”

The previous lessons were a good opportunity to dip your toe into the Ink pool, but you’re ready to dive into the deep end. You want to truly immerse yourself and let your mind sink into the Ink drink.

You’re ready to find out how can you create your own custom syntax within Ink. You want to interpret Ink tags, and parse strings into your own bespoke mini-language that lets you create data-driven narrative experiences which merge great writing with audiovisual splendor.

You’re ready for Orbit. Nothing can stop you now.


[Section 3]
All this Ink is pushing you to the brink. When will this infernal Ink lesson series end? You just want to get back to Twine, Bitsy, or Ren’Py – anything else other than this endless drip feed of Ink-focused Orbit sessions.

Suddenly, you hear a knock at the door. You fling it open to find a Raven fluttering at your doorstep. It rushes inside with a quick flap of its inky wings, and perches on the archway just above the threshold.

“Oh, Raven!” you cry out. “Tell me, when will these Ink lessons cease?”

The Raven turns an inky eye toward you. As you meet its gaze, you feel your sense of reality slipping away, like spilled ink from an overturned inkwell. Your eyes well up as you begin to involuntarily blink… ink… ink…

Quoth the Raven “Nevermore.”


NOTE: Due to the current circumstances, this is an online-only event. We are hosting it on our Discord server, which you can join using this link: discordapp.com/invite/mrTDyau

For more information about how to join the TVGS Discord, visit techvalleygamespace.com/discord.


Do you like to write? Do you like story based games?

If you are new to game development you can learn how to create interactive stories using Ren’py, Twine, or other game engines! We will also discuss other aspects of writing, game design, and interactive fiction.

The Digital Storytelling Orbit group meets at 1pm every first Saturday of the month in the #general-voice channel of the Tech Valley Game Space Discord. These group meetups provide opportunities for participants to share information, discuss projects, ask questions, and obtain guidance from experienced mentors.


Orbit is a community-driven mentorship program designed to provide greater opportunities for learning and collaboration at Tech Valley Game Space than ever before!

The goal of Orbit is to bring current and aspiring game makers together based around mutual interests, and provide a consistent environment for sustained skill development, personal growth, and community building.

Orbit groups are run as informal, drop-in sessions. However, we do ask that you sign up in advance and read the age guidelines for each group before participating. To sign up, visit techvalleygamespace.com/orbit.


July 3, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
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